What do I need to do to have Steven Marshall Productions deliver to me?

Please Call:

(818) 703-3898

You are the reason why we’re here!

Where does Steven Marshall Productions Deliver?

Our service area includes: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County and parts of Santa Barbara up to Goleta. We will deliver to your home, office or specified location.

Is our food delivered frozen?
Absolutely not, unless you ordered ice-cream or a frozen dessert. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality of fresh foods, so we wouldn’t dare freeze it. We have two delivery cycles per week to ensure the freshness of our food. In fact, our food wouldn’t freeze well if we tried. Because our foods lack preservatives, stablizers, sodium and bad fats, our dishes do not freeze and re-heat well at all.

What is your delivery schedule?
Depending on the service you are requesting, a specific event, a consistent schedule or an individual meal plan, please visit our Delivery link to find out further information.

Do you have a suggested way to serve a meal?
After you have reheated your entrée, we recommend you plate it. We’d like our entrees to be enjoyed as if you’d cooked them! And more than likely, you don’t eat out of plastic ware.

If this is a catered meal, depending on the event’s specifics (time of year, location, occasion, type of meal, theme) we can help you with creative ideas. Please give us a call at the number mentioned at the top of the page to discuss your event.

For our Intensive Out-Patient Program clients, we will provide you with heating instructions – so there’s no guessing. We strongly advise after warming to place each serving on nice plates with silverware for your patients.

What should I do with the containers after I am finished?
When finished, the container can easily be recycled, or leave them for us to pick up on the next delivery and we will recycle them.

What if I need to ascertain my weight questions?
If you need to lose weight – we will create a diet plan for you based on your caloric requirements. From there, we will craft a calorie count formulated from grams of food, specifically based on your weight goals.

If you need to maintain your ideal weight – we will create a diet plan formulated to your needs, so you always maintain your necessary calorie intake regimented to your desires.

If you are trying to gain weight/lose weight and you are an IOP graduate, we can mold a plan with the basic principles your dietician has you on. We can help assist you in the transition of having to cook for yourself. You can enjoy the same menu items you had at your center in the comfort of your home.

What is a Calorie Count?
When someone is trying to lose weight, or maintain a specific weight, they will have a calorie count for a day to stay within their own mandated guidelines. We will craft a full days of entrees and snacks based on your needs, be it weight loss or weight management diet. We can also bring our nutritionist aboard; to make sure you are doing exactly what you need to do, in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Is there a minimum order, and is there a minimum length of time I must use the service?
For our Catering service, depending on the type of event a quantity of people can vary. Because we do a variety of types of catering this will vary. Please call the number listed at the top of this page to get specific details pertaining to your event.

For our Intensive Out-Patient Program Centers – we ask a minimum of a four patient order.

For our Individual Meal Plan we have a minimum order of 10 entrees or 5 entrees and 10 snacks per week, per household.

Food service can be halted, however Steven Marshall Productions must have notification of more than 72 hours in advance of your scheduled delivery.

What about your food quality?
We only receive products from the best vendors. Our meats are U.S.D.A. choice at minimum, and our vegetables are always fresh. Our poultry is always grain fed, and our fish can always be fresh caught.

What if I want Organic Foods?
Whether we are preparing you an individual meal plan or catered meal, upon request we will prepare your meals with organic ingredients. We offer variances of how much organic food you may order. You have the option of organic meats, vegetables, and pastas. You may order a meal with one component organic or all components organic. Depending on the level of organics you’d require, there will be an increase in the price.

What about your pricing?
Because we offer services in many different fields, pricing will vary depending on the service. Please call one of the phone numbers at the top of the page or email us directly at info@stevenmarshallproductions.com referring to your specific question regarding price.

What about your gourmet service?

Steven Marshall Production’s gourmet service is exactly as you expect it to be: Your specifications, delivered to your designated place. Our expected high level of quality will meet yours. You will not be disappointed.

What about your catering?

Steven Marshall Productions same commitment to quality of taste in our personal chef division exists as strong in our catering division. We are unlike other caterers in the fact that every sauce and marinade is made in-house. Whether it is a simple business luncheon to a special moment such as a bridal shower or large formal event, we will prepare, deliver and set up fresh, all-natural and healthy entrees where you need, when you need them. To find out more about the different kinds of catering we do, please visit our Catering link.

What are the accepted methods of payments?
They are the big three: Cash, Check and Credit. We accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express Corporate. Please make all payments to Steven Marshall Productions.