Intensive Out-Patient Meal Program

We will prepare and deliver all-natural, healthy entrees professionally prepared specifically to your Center’s needs and delivered directly to your Center’s refrigerator. All of our food is carefully placed in a food container that will keep the food safely cold to 41 degrees or colder, so we can place it directly in your refrigerator, ready for you to warm up for your session.

Your food will be delivered in “family style” containers. We will give you specific measurements as to what a serving size per person is, for that particular dish. And heating instructions; all of our containers may be warmed up via oven or microwave.

We will deliver each meal at your specified time. Often times, this is an hour to two hours prior to your meeting and mornings are available. If your Center has limited office hours and you only have a small window of time of when you open and when you need to receive the meal plus having to warm and serve it – You have the option to give us a key to your center, so we may deliver on after hours to ensure the punctuality of your food.

Service Area & Delivery Fee 
Our service area includes: Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County and parts of Santa Barbara up to Goleta. Because we cover a large spread of territory our delivery fee varies depending on your area – between $20-$45/per week. Because we will have a continued schedule of service with you, we will only charge this fee once a week, opposed to each day’s delivery.