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There are so many reasons you might choose our Personal Chef Services; you’d like to loose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’re too busy to cook but want to eat well, you prefer fresh, healthy food but don’t have the time to run all over town to Farmer’s Markets, organic butchers and bakers. Or maybe you just want a beautiful gourmet meal without worrying about all the pots, pans and dishes afterward.

Whatever your reasons, you can relax knowing Steven Marshall Productions has you covered. Our Personal Chef Service offers the convenience and luxury of a having your very own chef at home but without the clean up, stress or expense. We keep our services cost effective while allowing for your chosen menu to be as ornate as you please. We’re able to offer such affordable pricing because we deliver directly to you, skipping the fuss and mess of cluttering up your kitchen.

Here is a glowing endorsement for our Personal Chef services from client Dr. Robert Yoho, MD:


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