Meal Program

Steven Marshall Productions offers on a weekly basis up to seven days of:
Mid-Morning Snack
Mid-Afternoon Snack
PM Snack/Dessert

Each meal has a specific nutritional breakdown regulated by the full day’s nutritional needs. This allows for maximum health benefits in conjunction with your lifestyle. To understand the variety of lifestyle options you may choose from, please visit our Personal Chef page to use what works best for you.

Steven Marshall Productions provides environmentally friendly packaging options. A full entrée’s meal container can be given in a disposable, recyclable container fit for the oven or microwave. Our meals are packaged in convenient containers allowing you to heat and eat, but we prefer you to plate your food on one of your plates, for more of a “home feel.” Each individual meal will be labeled with its corresponding day, meal type and your name. Our snacks are individually wrapped and labeled so you can grab the corresponding snack for that time of day.

An example of one of our labels would read:
Monday Breakfast
Garden Vegetable Frittata, Orange and Yogurt
– Jane Doe

We also provide the option for clients to select specific meals. We accommodate our clientele by offering a variety of meal selections; so healthy cooking doesn’t have to take up time. For example, this convenience allows clients to cook their own breakfast if they so chose, or allow for weekends to relax with friends and family.

The minimum order per week is ten full entrees, or 10 snacks and 5 full entrees.